About us

About us


We are empreinte

Our firm makes people the heart of its approach.
This team gifted with genuine expertise uses all its energy and experience to build sustainably.
We are designers of space who model the environment. We are fully aware of our lasting impact on every person’s everyday.
For us, the architect is master of the act of building. Realising our projects together from design to delivery is a process we hold very dear. In our opinion, this approach guarantees a finished product that perfectly matches our customer expectations.

L’Atelier Empreinte


Our Expertise

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Our fantastic team

Today, L’Atelier Empreinte has 35 talented employees with a wide range of skills. Architects, town planners, interior designers, site supervisors, engineers, draughtsmen, graphic designers and administrators work together and in synergy.

We design projects as a collective, drawing on the different talents within our organisation.
Our team is young and dynamic. But most importantly, it is driven by a desire to produce high-quality and innovative results, generated through a spirit of teamwork that is particularly representative of our firm.




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