Conference N°3 – The Vertical Gardens

Conference N°3 – The Vertical Gardens

As it was the last Friday of the month, on 30th March we hosted a speaker who offered expanded on a topic in line with our vision of architecture and our work in more general terms.  We were delighted to welcome Hélène Daumas from the Jungle Art group who presented green walls and the patented concept developed by her company.

She explained the many advantages and issues that a green wall can create and covered the product’s installation from A to Z. Despite the many benefits (decorative, insulation, reducing an urban heat island, positive effect on mood), the use of green walls is still rare and that is often down to a lack of knowledge about installation procedures.

Thanks to this conference and the explanations from Mme Daumas, L’Atelier Empreinte acquired a deeper understanding of irrigation and fertilisation requirements, the recommended plants and solutions to overcome problems with structure and the foundation and durability of the whole installation.

The grass is genuinely greener…

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